6 songs that a Mom can listen to

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Today I want to share a small part of the music that I listen to.

Since I became a mom, it is rare that I put my earphone. The days with earphone no matter where and always highest volume have left me forever.

These days, Emilie (my daughter) has grown a little bit up. She is 9 months now, getting familiar with this world than before. Me too. I get more familiar with her habit, and become more brave and confident to be a mom.

So, about one week ago, I took out my earphone and want to taste some music that I didn’t do for really quite a while…

I find out these music, and they are really suitable the rythme of a mom. 😊😊😊

Especially the first one, Angel. It has a slow rythme and is telling a very beautiful scene.

The second and third are from Sia. She is a singer that I prefer. I like her voice and her lyrics. What a talent!

The forth one is from The Weekend. He is currently very popular, and each of his song worths a try.

The fifth song is a slow and emotional song. The same that I like its rythme and the very feminine.

The last song is a love song. I fell in love with the story that it tells. That girl’s courage to dedicate to her love touched me. And her honesty is brilliantly brave when she tells to the guy she loves on his wedding in front of everyone… “no matter where you are, what you do, I will always … honestly …love you… And lastly, she wins her love. ❤️

Writing all of these with listening to those songs.


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