Be efficient with one of my favorite app

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Today I tell you one of my favorite application: “Calendar by Readdle”.

Everyone can be a perfectionist. Me, I’m a big perfectionist. I like to be perfect in planning. So I’m a big planner. I like to plan things. When the day arrive, I’m happy to see which surprise that I bring to myself. The longest plan lasts 3 years.

The basic tool you need when you make plans is a calendar. I drew a calendar on my notebook for the first plan I made.

When we have a smartphone, we would like to do everything on it. I wanted plan things through my phone. So I started to search a good calendar.

The good calendar for me should contains these abilities as shown below:

  • a big space to show clear what you should do
  • an ability to make short and also long period plan
  • An ability to set a repeated everyday mission just by 1 to 3 step. I’m tired by typing the same mission for everyday.
  • Able to set a weekly plan (very important).

After searching it for a long time , I locked my target at an application called “Calendar”.

It concludes all the functions that I want. Now I use that one to plan all my work.


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