Korean “See through bangs” tutorial

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What was the last time that you changed your hairstyle? The last time I cut my hair was in 2015 with a permanent curly hair. It was a disaster.

As we know it is not easy to get a new haircut. Normally we simply cut our hair shorter without changing the style. A new haircut is important to the Bangs! Here I’ll introduce you one of the most easy, girlish, popular and practical bangs: Korean See Through Bangs. Below you will find out what is Korean “See Through Bangs” and how to get a “See Through Bangs” in several simple steps.

Here we go.

The 1990’s is far from me. My younger sister(1990’s) is a big fan a Korean stuff. The singer, actor, fashion and cosmetics. Without surprising that she is the one to make me pay attention on Korean “See Through Bangs”. It is ok if you never heard about it before. I will show you with several pictures to make it clear.

In the Korean drama “Descendants of the sun”, the heroine is played by Song Hye-Kyo. She was 35 years old in this drama. And she had See Through Bangs. It makes her a very girlish looking.

In another famous Korean drama “Doctors”, the heroine Park Shin-hye and the heroine no.2 Lee Sung Kyung made the same choice on See Through Bangs.

In the drama ”Uncontrollably fond”, the heroine is played by Suzy. She also cuts a See Through Bangs. The See Through Bangs is one of the standard features in Korean dramas.

Those pictures are not encouraging you to live in a drama. The Korean See Through Bangs is also practical in the “real life”. Heart it now? All you need is a scissors, a hairdryer, a hair straightener and follow the next steps. ( I will use my as demonstration.)

In the first step, partition your hair to 50% and 50%.

If you have a 20% and 80% or 30% and 70%, try to wet it and make it 50% and 50%. It will make next steps easier.

Partition a triangle. This step pay attention on the size of the triangle!

If you don’t know what is your face shape. Use this website to Easily find out your face shape. After you have an idea on it, come back and find out the triangle.

Use a bigger triangle, if you have a diamond or heart face shape. The Bangs neutre your face shape to decor it rounder.

Use a smaller triangle, if you have a ovale or round face shape. The Bangs makes your face looks slimmer.

Get your hair wet and pull it straight, and cut it along with the phalpebra inferior. It doesn’t matter if the bottom is not near.

Dry the bangs with hairdryer, try to let 50% and 50% disappears. So it will look more nature.

This is a very important step. It’s important to get your hair 100% dry form hairdryer. Because the hair straighteners hurt hair. So it is better to put a little bit oil product to protect hair.

Roll your hair to maximum 45 degree!

Please don’t exceed 45 degree if you don’t want to see a disaster.

In this step, you have to pay attention on the degree that you roll and the time that you roll. Don’t keep it too long on your hair in order to get a very nature looking.

All the steps completed. Let’s see the result.

I made a small triangle, because my face is pretty round. So a short bottom of triangle could bring length for my face shape. I have 50 and 50 partition for years, so it’s rare to let it disappear.


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