Today, I’m 10 months old

Today, I’m 10 months old.

That soft comfort from Mom. When I was eating in her chest, I feel extremely safe and be loved. I thought this is my life, in mom’s chest, forever…

But now, I’m drinking some strange milk from a bottle, the bottle have something almost as same as Mom’s nipple. I drank everything from that bottle. I love it. But, I love more Mom’s nipple. I don’t understand why I can’t eat Mom’s milk anymore. Maybe because she is preparing to leave me. So I want to listen to Mom, if she wants me drink from that bottle, I drink everything. If she wants me to eat mashed food, I finish everything. Mom is very happy when I am eating good. And vice versa. I want to listen to her, so she will stay with me, forever…

I learnt how to kiss. Yes, use lips to put on no matter what. Sometimes I see Dad kiss Mom on lips, so this morning when Dad was not here, I tried to kiss Mom on lip. I like to kiss Mom, even I’m a little bit shy.

Dad is here but not as much as past weeks. Just after I finished lunch, I can see him inside a glass. Yes, it is Dad. I know his face and voice. I want to catch his moustache, but I only touched a cold glass. When Dad said “bisous”, I put my mouth on that glass. I kiss him. Because I love him. He brings me laughs, and the most important thing is that staying with Dad is more fun than staying with Mom. Because Mom is very boring, she only knows to let me to eat, change diapers, wear clothes and leave me in my bed. Ahhhh!!!! Repeat those things everyday. Is there an end??

Today I’m ten months old.

I grown up. I sleep through the night. I eat more than before. I start to eat some bread, even toaster. This morning, I shared a toster with Mom. Awwww, it is so good to do the same thing as Mom and Dad. I can move with hands and feet at the same time, the important thing is I move very fast.

I like to play with Mom. I also like to play Mom. Because she worries about me. For example, if I cry very loud all of sudden, she can come to me very very fast and take me in her arm. I like people to take me in their arms. It is very tall and I can see more stuff… gosh, those adults have so much stuff at home, I guess I need years and years to discover everything. But it gonna be so fun.

I don’t like to change diapers. I guess I used at least 10,000 diapers. It’s so boring to change diapers. Especially when I lay down, I feel I’m a little baby who can do nothing. I prefer to move around and to communicate with big people. That’s sooo exciting.

Today I’m 10 months old.

I don’t care. I just want that delicious telecommande and my Mom’s phone. They are looking so yummy.

Today I’m 10 months old.

The universe is so big, and I’m so small. But I don’t care if it’s very big, because I have my bed, I have my milk bottle, I have Dad and Mom, I have food and some toys. I’m happy in this small world.

Today I’m 10 months old.

I’m Émilie Mayorga. A real existence.

I’m here.

Here I am.


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