A very intense, non-waterproof mascara from Marc Jacob

I don’t bien with a pair of long and intense eyelash. When I first time knew about mascara, I knew that i got saved.

Here I will give you a little demonstration on how to get an intense looking on eyelash with Marc Jacob’s mascara. #velvetnoir

The packaging. Black and white, classic forever. No special point anyway.

After open the package. Woow. I got “wow” ed by the material that Marc Jacob used for this mascara bottle. The material is quite heavy, and it touches like a stone or a shell. Like it!!!

Before I start to use it, give you the truth about my eyelash. It is very thin and sparse. It is also rarely to see.

I will use one side of my eyelash to make the “before and after” comparison. Before use mascara, don’t forget to curl it to reach a more sensation look.

This is the result (right eyelash) of using only one time of this mascara. The length sets up. The texture is like a cream, but matte. We have been crazy with lipstick matte. The mascara matte is the first time and i want to say that I like it!

The second time of using Marc Jacob mascara velvet noir. It become more intense but still matte. No refracted light from mascara. Heart it!

The last time! It becomes more intense now. Thanks to the creamy texture, it is not sticky at all. The brush is intense also. Love it!


I wear this mascara about 6 hours under the sun. The temperature was 27 degree. I have been sweaty. But this mascara didn’t stick even a little bit on my skin.

What’s more, this mascara is a non-waterproof mascara. It is very easy to be removed by cleansing water. So it is very safe if you don’t walk under the rain or go swimming.

Highly recommended for girls who wants an intense looking on eyelash but easy to remove.


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