Two days fever

We have suffered from the fever of Émilie which lasts two days. I kind of confirmed that she got a disease called “hand food mouth disease”.

Here, I will let you know how we went through of it.

It started one day ago. Normally she finishes her food fast and good. But that time she only finished 60% of her food. We didn’t pay that much attention. Because she just took two vaccines not long ago and it is possible also that if she is teething.

Then I took her from the chair, and she was pretty hot on her head. I took her temperature and it was written 38.6 degree. We started to be a little bit panic (maybe only me), because Emilie never had a fever more than 38.5 degree. We took off her clothes and gave her Doliprane.

We took one hour of rest after Doliprane. I saw lots of sweaty on her head When Émilie woke up from that nap and I knew that the fever had left her. We brought her to living room. Then I put her sucette and I saw a little red button on her mouth where is not far from her lower lip. I guessed it may be one red button that caused by moisture so I didn’t pay attention.

Then we prepared to go out a bit as normal. We did a little shopping and played on grassland. She was very good on the whole journey. We spent lovely time. I didn’t know that there was a big fever waiting for her.

That night we ate pretty simple and Emilie ate very good as normal.

21.00, put Émilie in bed and touched her forehead, no fever.

23.00, I went to sleep and I checked her again , she was ok.

1.00, I checked her again on forehead that she was kind of burning. I told Philippe that she was in fever, and he said we could wait a bit because we didn’t want to wake her up.

2.30, she woke up with a bit crying and fell asleep again.

3.30, a bit crying and fell asleep again.

4.00, a very big cry and she stood up in her bed. Philippe turned on the lamp and I took her from the bed.

She was more than burning. Temperature 39.8 degree. She drank lots of water. I looked at Émilie, and she looked at us with red cheeks and sleepy eyes with still not dropped down tears. Then Philippe kissed her on her head. Our little heart…

The Doliprane. It is flavored by strawberry. But she doesn’t like it. There is always a little war between Emilie and her parents when she took Doliprane. And like always, the parents win.

We let her slept with us on her bed. But she didn’t have a deep sleep. When I check my watch, it was 6.00 in the morning. Émilie woke up also that moment.

I prepared her milk and she ate good. We took her temperature again. She had 38.4 degree.

I worried about my baby and I didn’t stop to look for the result: what does she have? I read lots of infections and fevers that could cause the red button symptom.

And at the same time, I checked on her. She had lots of red buttons appeared. They were on her knees, arms, lips and even tongue! Then I confirmed that Émilie may infected by the famous “Hand, Food and Mouth Disease”. It is an infectious disease originally from Asia. But if it is in France, it becomes less dangerous and it is not infectious if it appears in France.

Around 9.00, We played on the ground as usual. She looked good and still energetic. Around 10.00, she started to scratch eyes, I touched her that she was burning. We took her temperature that it raised to 39.6 degree. So again, Doliprane. She fell asleep after it.

When she woke up, she looked better. Energetic and happy. It was also lunch time, I made her food but she had 0 appetite. I think she may hurt in mouth so I made some cereal in her bottle. She drank it all, then she threw up everything that she drank…

I was more than panic and shocked because I never saw my baby as sick as this. At that moment, my lovely husband was cooking for us. We decided to go to emergency. As we both didn’t want to eat while seeing our daughter vomited everything she ate.

When we arrived at emergency, Émilie fell asleep. So the first round check-up was from a nurse, he checked the temperature,blood pressure, heartbeat speed and weight. The second check-up was from a pediatrician. He checked Émilie carefully and then told us that we could go back because this is not that severe.

He said she was infected by a virus. That’s why she had fever, then buttons. Don’t have to worry that much. And he said take advantage of the time when she doesn’t have fever in order to let her eat. So all she needs is Doliprane.

At the same moment, we heard a little boy was vomiting just in another room. The kid’s life is so tough!

When we came out from emergency, I felt released. I felt hungry and hopeful. Maybe that’s the magical of emergency…

After we arrived home, Emilie fell asleep. We ate and rest a bit. When Emilie woke up, she still didn’t want to eat. She ate kind of nothing.

Around 16.00, Émilie started to have fever again but not as strong as previous day. After diner, I took her a shower. She played good in shower. We took her temperature before she went to bed, she was ok.

So the fever finished like that. Today, she still doesn’t have a big appetite.I hope Émilie recovers her appetite very fast.

Thank you for those lovely people who had asked about Émilie. She is lucky that could have you guys to care about.

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